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Private nutrition consultations

I believe good nutrition is important for everyone. What we eat has an effect on our health and imbalances can contribute to a range of health issues including digestive issues, fatigue, low mood and many more. 

In my clinic I use a comprehensive questionnaire to gather information about your health history and each bodily system to find the root cause, triggers and drivers of any imbalances.

I see clients who wish to address an underlying health issue and clients who are looking to kick start a healthier lifestyle.

For each of you I create a tailored and personalised nutritional plan with practical advice, guidance and recipes tailored to your personal circumstance which aims to support you to better health.

My prices start at £120.00 for an initial 60-minutes consultation and packages start at £280.00 for an 8 week support program.


If you want to find out how nutritional therapy can help you? Book a free, no-obligation 15 minute discovery call with me.

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4 week dietary programme

If you are looking for inspiration and guidance on how to cook healthy and nutritious meals then my 4 week dietary programme could be the perfect start for you to kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

It contains weekly recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, shopping list and weekly support. 

This programme is filled with nutritious and delicious recipes that will keep you full for longer while also supporting a healthy digestion and natural detoxification plus give you plenty of energy!

Contact me for more information.


I run regular workshops in South East London. 

You can email me on for more information about upcoming workshops.