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"Working with Zannie was a wonderful experience! She was very considerate to the varying needs of my wife and I, and took the time to educate us both on all things nutrition through initial consultations, regular follow ups and was on hand to answer any of our questions. Zannie's recipes are delicious and so easy to follow. We noticed a very quick impact on our digestive system, energy levels, and general mental health. We have both noticed feeling fuller for longer and therefore reduced our temptation to snack. Zannie was clear to outline that her recipes are flexible and form a lifestyle change as oppose to a diet, which suited our needs perfectly. We regularly have guests over for dinner and delve into Zannie's recipe pack to provide a tasty and nutritious meal full of flavours for our friends - all of whom are not disappointed! Zannie's kindness must not go unnoticed, as she was so generous of her time and support despite a sudden and abrupt change in our finances. We cannot recommend Zannie's nutritional guidance enough!" B.V. Kent 

"Back in 2018, I started attending yoga classes at Yoga House in Lee, which marked the start of a transformative, healing journey. I was very fortunate to attend a wonderful workshop at Yoga House in Lee led by Kasia and Zannie, which consisted of yin yoga, meditation and nutritional advice. Following the workshop, I became very interested in further improving my health and wellbeing and contacted Zannie for further nutritional advice. Her invaluable expertise, professionalism and knowledge has empowered me to make more informed choices regarding nutrition to support my overall health and wellbeing. She provides a robust, bespoke nutritional plan based on individual requirements and symptoms to address any deficiencies and improve overall health and wellbeing, providing a holistic approach." J.H. Blackheath


"I first visited Zannie in January 2020. I wanted to find ways to add variety into my diet and optimise my nutritional regime for overall health and energy levels. Our appointment took into account my specific goals and circumstances, following which Zannie prepared a bespoke report that included overall lifestyle recommendations and nutritional principles, along with some delicious and easy to make recipes. 

I have found her suggestions easy to incorporate into my life and enjoyable for the whole household. My energy levels and overall wellness have also improved. What I like most is that Zannie is very pragmatic and non judgemental -  so the plan feels like a sustainable long term lifestyle choice, rather than a strict diet! There is space to have treats but in a much more balanced way." R.J. Catford 

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